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Welcome to the Dome Asylum!


On this page, you'll find out more about us, the property and other projects that we're passionate about. 

Please make yourself at home and let us know if there’s anything we can do to make your stay even more special.

Thank you! 


We hope you have a great time!


Dawn & Wylie



Dawn: (619) 354-0968

wifi network: Dome Guest

Password: DomeSweetDome

Table of Contents

About Your Space

Arrival & Departure

Local Attractions

Fire Features

Water Features

Trash, Recycling & Compost

House Guests

About your space

  • The Dome Asylum is a geodesic domicile built in 1986. 

  • Wylie moved here in 2008 with his late wife and planted all the cactus on the property himself. 

  • We are part of a community of artists and musicians. Most of the art found in and around the Dome was created by us, our family or friends.

  • In addition to the Dome Asylum chickens, fruit trees and aquaponic garden, the property features several cactus gardens, a meditation trail, and a natural pool/hot tub. 

  • The pool is the home to several goldfish (large and small). Water lilies provide cover for the fish and help maintain the natural pool ecosystem. Dragonflies love them too. 

  • The hot tub is available by request with advance notice. We’ll give you a quick lesson, if possible. It takes a little work to get it going, and it’s probably easier if we do it for you. (Not available during pandemic according to CA's Safe Reopening Guidelines.)

  • We are laid-back, friendly and welcoming. We hope our guests are the same. There are only a couple of rules...

  • No tobacco smoking in the house. Please smoke outside, use the provided ashtrays, NOT our potted plants, and empty ashtrays into the trash. Thank you. 

Arrival & Departure

  • Please help keep dust down (and our neighbors happy) by driving slowly (10mph) on Telford Lane. 

  • Check in is available any time after noon (3pm for house guests) and check out is requested by noon.

  • Help make sure the chickens stay in, and the coyotes stay out. Please close the gate when you come and go. House Guests - Gate keys are attached to each room key. There is a $20 fee to replace lost keys. 

  • Please strip your bed and place the sheets inside the pillow case. Leave pillow and mattress protectors in place.

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Local Attractions

  • Local hiking at mount Woodson, Iron Mountain, Cedar Creek Falls (requires a $6 reservation) and Three Sisters (very challenging!) 

  • San Diego Safari Park is about a 20 minute drive. 

  • We are also convenient to dozens of Ramona wineries and historic Julian. We especially love Pamo Valley Winery’s Tasting Room and Julian Brewing Co.


The Dome Asylum’s well is on an aquifer and there are easily accessed spigots on the patio, in the aviary, front cactus garden, and Orchard Spot .

Natural Pool -

Filled with well water that is filtered and treated with Ozone, UV and Cooper/Silver ionization. 


Pool towels can be found in the outdoor bath house. Please use one towel during your stay. Do not leave it in shared spaces, and hang it on the hook under the “Nude Beach” sign when you depart.

Pool/Spa Rules

  • Do not wear lotions or oils when entering the tub or pool. They disrupt the ecosystem of our natural pool and make it hard for the fish to breath!

  • Use caution when entering and leaving the pool, the steps are slippery like they would be in a natural stream. Walk down the steps to either side and use the edge of the pool as a hand railing or just jump in! (Avoid the water lilies.)

  • Do not urinate in the pool/spa. Our system isn’t set up for a fish as big as you! (and it promotes algae)

  • Please refrain from using glass on the patio. 


The Bus Stop -

features a RubensTube fire feature, blueTooth sound system, ambient lighting and several message boards. 

To connect to Bluetooth, find NAO Music and use code 0000. 

To use the Rubenstube, open the valve on the attached propane tank, light the tube and watch the fire dance to your music! Be sure to keep flames low, less than 1” tall. you may need to adjust the gas again once the tube warms up, to keep the flame low.

Pro-tip: if the amp doesn't power on, turn on the light in the laundry room. (yeah, we know.)

Karate Robot-

Our board-breaking fire pit is the spot for wood fire. Firewood can be found along the fence by the West Gate. 

If you’d like to have a fire at your site, please disconnect and bring the fire pit with you. Do not leave your fire unattended and make sure to put your fire out completely. 

If you’d like to play with Karate Robot, let Dawn know! (Additional Fee) 

Grill/BBQ - BYOCharcoal
Propane Burner

Having a campfire tonight? Keep these fire safety essentials in mind!


There is a small trash can (suitable for grocery size bags) located behind the bath house on the patio, along with a can crusher! Please place your camp trash and recycling in the appropriate containers (trash, Recycling and CRV) located near the driveway.

Please do not leave the packaging from your brand new camping gear. (Suggestion: use the cardboard as a fire starter and burn the rest. Do not burn any plastic or styrofoam!) 

Please note the green bin is for green (compostable, yard) waste only! 

Keyhole Garden -

Our circular raised garden with a keyhole-shaped indentation on one side. If you’d like to participate in our permaculture practices, place your food waste (no meat) in the compost basket in the center. 

The green bin near the keyhole garden is also available for green (compostable, yard) waste only. 


Our washing machine and dryer are located on the far side of the outdoor bath house. 

Add a cup of vinegar to your wash to avoid hard water stains. 

Due to the CA Time of Use initiative, please avoid using the electric dryer between 4-9pm. 

Put your spare change or cash donations in the tip jar. We appreciate it!

House Guests:


The downstairs TV has Netflix, and Amazon Prime, as well as YouTube. The Master BR TV has a Firestick that has Amazon Prime and Netflix loaded. It will also play DVDs inserted into the side of the TV.

We love board games and our collection can be found under the coffee table. Please return the games, with all their parts and pieces, to their boxes when you’re done.